My Weight Problem Is Your Opportunity: Glider For Sale

Last winter, when I ordered my glider for the Worlds, I expected my weight to go down in spring, as usual. It didn’t. As a result, I’m too heavy on my glider now and need to change to an S size.

After exactly 100 hours of fantastic flying I’m selling my beloved Boomerang 6 XS. I got her in January for the World Championship in Mexico. She is the first non-prototype Boom 6 that left the factory: serial number „1“.

Unique color scheme: red, green, orange

The wing’s weightrange is 85 – 95 kg. I used to fly her around 94 +- 2 kg. The wing comes with some minor modifications: Gin Seok Song himself cut open two cells on each side, to help the wing deflate in case of a collapse. It works nicely. After a tree landing on one of my first flights, Korean Gin factory pilot Seyong Jung did a nice repair job on the left ear.

Slightly damaged left ear

Minimum price is 2000 CHF or 1333 Euro plus shipping. Best offer will be accepted. Write to anja at anjakroll dot ch.

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