Airborne Again

After 13 hard weeks of deprivation finally airborn again! Last Saturday my first lesson „how to fly a sailplane“ took place on the HB-1778, a Grob TWIN II 103 Acro built in 1980. Roland Odermatt, teacher on duty, took me on a 40 minutes instruction flight. We were towed by a Maule aircraft to a nice altitude above (!) cloud base. Enough time, to fly the first manoevres. Flying straight is not that easy! Let’s not even talk about circling in a thermal…
Apart from the fun in the air, I enjoyed all the procedures before (assembling and checking the aircrafts, getting the cars ready), during (logging takeoffs, towing a glider to the takeoff position with a car) and after (cleaning the planes, putting them to sleep in the hangar) the lesson, and the company of a lot of friendly and passionate people of the SGW.
Between Winterthur and Frauenfeld around noon.