Season kicks off in Crans Montana

No XC flying since Mexico – hopefully this will change tomorrow.

The weather forecast for the weekend in Switzerland is quite complicated. Martin Scheel, our Swiss League team leader, did his best to pick a place with possible good flights for Saturday and Sunday. His decision will lead us, the pilots of the Swiss League, to Crans Montana, a place I’ve not yet managed to fly from myself.

World Cup 2003 at Crans Montana © Martin Scheel

At the end of August in 2002, Michi Riediker, a friend of mine who has taught me many valuable lessons in my early days as a paraglider pilot, and I were at the takeoff as visitors during the Swiss Club Championships. It was late, a thunderstorm developing. The wind was not only blowing downhill but also quite gusty. The last cablecar had gone. We walked down from Cry D’Er, half of the way through heavy rain. The good thing: my bag was quite light (~15 kg) back then compared to now (~25 kg). On the next day, Michi Riediker took me on an enjoyable 30 minute tandem flight from Bella Lui.

Hopefully, this weekend we all will fly – not only down, but cross country. On two days we will score tasks for the Swiss League Cup, if everything runs smoothly. I’m looking forward to meeting all the friends after a long winter. Also on my agenda: test the livetracking with my mobile phone and Leonardo. Whether I’m in the air, you will easily see here on my blog, in the „F L I G H T   T R A C K I N G“ box in the column to the right.