Anybody Out There

… in the paragliding community, who is not hooked on the race now?

I doubt that. Like every other paraglider pilot I know, I’m addicted to the tracks, the diaries, the news. Amazing flights. Stunning hikes. Makes me guess, „where will he head now?“ Makes me dream, I could do that as well… When Chrigel surrounded the Marmolada yesterday, from my safe position in front of the screen that looked so easily done. A child’s game!? In reality, I did not even dare to land on top of the Marmolada the first and only time I flew there.

Jörg and I went through the competitor’s names the other day. We know about half the pilots personally! Same thing with the ground crew… I guess, it’s even more fun that way, to read the stories, to look at the pictures and videos. Hello friends, you are my hereos, for every day in this adventure. Good luck to all of you.