Count Down for Quixadá

Only a few more days and nights in autumnly Zürich, and then … Brazil! Tudo bem.

Temperatures at my destination now are mostly between and 23°C during the nights and 35°C during the days. Constantly blowing easterly winds around 20 km/h, a zero probability of precipitation. Quite promising weather forecast for two weeks of cross country flying! Check out the details at meteoblue, my favourite worldwide weather forecast provider.

Quixadá is well known as one of the best long distance spots in the world. Several world records were set here, best known the 461.6 km flights of the three Brazilian friends Frank Brown, Rafael Saladini and Marcelo Prieto in November 2007. Now it’s our turn for daylong flights: A group of 15 experienced cross country pilots from Switzerland will travel to Brazil in the beginning of November. We’re not going for a comp, just for our own personal pleasure. And pleasure that will be!

Größere Kartenansicht von Quixadá

Accomodation and retrieve are organized by Andy Flühler – a brand himself for paragliding travel expertise. While we’re flying westbound, his ground crew will accompany us with the retrieve vehicles. For communication we will use no less than three different systems: 2 m radios, SPOT devices and cellular phones. You can track me too! On the bar to the right side, you find links to two of the tracking systems, Leonardo Live via mobile phone and SPOT.

Pilots who enjoyed that trip to Quixadá last year reported, that the retrieve cars were already waiting while the pilots were on final glide. Oh, what a luxurious life! (Well, not always, I guess ;-))

PS: Brasil’s timezone is UTC +3, Switzerland uses UTC -1, hence a four hour’s time shift.