Authentic Chinese Cooking

One of the biggest advantages of taking part in international comps is making international friends.

Every now and then we have the opportunity to welcome a competitor from abroad at our home and to share a meal. Seyong Jung from Korea stayed with us last year on the way to the World Cup in Grindelwald. We cooked Spaghetti a la maison. On the way back, Yassen Savov from Bulgaria was our guest: home delivered Asian food, which came along with a rented movie (Bourne Identity).

Jörg and intern chef de cuisine Xianping

Now we are happy to host Xianping Hou, a Chinese pilot from Shenzhen. She came with us from Annecy. In Zürich’s rain we’re waiting together for better weather and the Swiss Championship in Flims to start. Meanwhile Xianping has taken over the kitchen, delightening us with her cooking skills.

On the menu: Coca Cola Chicken Wings