Tree Hugging

Annecy, France – my first and only Paragliding Worldcup this year.

A frontal system with heavy rain is coming through today. Which is good for me, because it gives me time to get my glider back from the tree, where I had to leave it yesterday. Second time in a tree this year… The way it happened: strong wind, strong lee, turbulence, both ears come in at the same time, deep stall immediately, spin, tree, end of story.

That incident worries me – I always wanted to become an old pilot. Now I’m not sure whether this will be possible… On the good side of that recent adventure: a helicopter ride by the sécurité civile and a free beer at the heliport in Annecy.

The dragon, their mascot, is part of the callsign of the helicopter group of the French civil security

PS: A friend commented „I am glad you are all right, trees are beautiful, but stop hugging them like that! Here in Mexico we avoid especially since we mostly have big cactus trees.“ Reminds me of this video… Enjoy.

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