Wow! We Made It

That was really fun. Klaudia, Karolina, Caroll, Des, Nicky and me held the inaugural meeting of our Womens Paragliding Association. The WPA is a non-profit making society governed by the Swiss civil code.

First venue of the Womens Paragliding Association will be the organization of the Womens Open in Àger, Spain. The competition is officially sanctioned by FAI, and we’re expecting a lot of female pilots and male fans. Some have already registered. 

It took us exactly half an hour to run through the whole formal procedure, including discussion of the statutes and election of the Board members (as you might have guessed the six of us) and the three named roles. Klaudia is our first president, Karolina the secretary. Congratulations to my friends from Warsaw! The treasurer’s office stays in Switzerland at my home.

Even though the legal container for the competition was only born today, we’ve been working on a regular base now for more than a year. Choosing the appropriate venue was tough for all of us. Building the website is Nickys great achievement, the friendly colorful logo a small and beautiful one. In the last months, we’ve met on skype almost every week to discuss our business. During that period, we’ve also received an incredible amount of good wishes and effective support from others. Today was an important milestone on our road to success. Actually, I’m very happy to work together with these fantastic women. Groovy!